About APiL

The Department of Linguistics of the University of Antwerp publishes a series of working papers called Antwerp Papers in Linguistics (APiL). The papers’ range of topics varies considerably, going from cognitive linguistics, functional and pragmatic approaches, to problems of language acquisition. APiL’s list of publications consists of papers by staff and research students of the Department of Linguistics. Antwerp Papers in Linguistics does not appear on a regular basis, but three or four issues are published every year.

How to subscribe

It is no longer necessary to subscribe to APiL: from APiL 100 onwards you can download the papers for free on this website. Check out the list of publications for more information.

Mailing list

If you would like to be informed whenever a new APiL has been published, we can notify you by e-mail. Please send a message to apil@ua.ac.be in order to be included in our mailing list.

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