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Bence Nanay

‘Know thyself’ is not just silly advice: It is actively dangerous (Aeon)

Republished at Quartz, American Philosophical Association, The Week, The Wire, Esquire, Psychology Today, SBS, Big Think.

Spanish translation, Chinese translation, Italian translation, Greek translation, Rumanian translation,

Norwegian translation

Anti-mindfulness (Psychology Today)

Emotional actions are not exceptions: The are the rule (Psychology Today)

The Trump-Goldfinger illusion (Psychology Today)

Animal pain and the new mysticism about consciousness (iai.tv)

Hipsters and imaginative resistance (American Philosophical Association blog): here

Republished at Psychology Today as The Psychology of Hipsterdom here

Forget about catharsis, rapture or frissons – we are all shippers now (iai.tv)

The ‘new atheists’ are not atheist enough (TheConversation)

On my book Between Perception and Action for the OUP blog: here

On my book Aesthetics as Philosophy of Perception for the OUP blog: here

Polish translation here

On aesthetic attention for the Aesthetics for birds blog: here

On elitism in aesthetics for the Aesthetic for birds blog: here

On aesthetic naivete for the Aesthetic for birds blog: here

·       Interviews:

At TalkRadio UK (interviewed by Rufus Hound): here (almost an hour but the real interview starts at 14 minutes)

For the Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics: here

For the American Philosophical Association: here

For the volume Images: 5 Questions: here

Mini-interview on my work in philosophy of action: here (you may have to scroll down)

·       Videos:

On perceptual content and the content of mental imagery (for Consciousness Online): here

On the role of imagination in decision-making: here

On perceptual phenomenology (for Consciousness Online): here

On naturalism in philosophy of action: here

On top-down influences in perception (talk at Humboldt University, Berlin (second video): here

On token-first and type-first evolutionary explanation (talk at Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, second half of the video – the first half is Alex Rosenberg’s talk): here

A series of vlogs for Brains Blog:

On mental imagery: here

On mental imagery in perception: here

On multimodal mental imagery: here

On mental imagery in epistemology: here

On mental imagery in aesthetics: here