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For wider audiences

Bence Nanay

·       Interviews:

For the Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics: here

For the volume Images: 5 Questions: here

·       Videos:

On perceptual phenomenology (for Consciousness Online): here

On perceptual content and the content of mental imagery (for Consciousness Online): here

On naturalism in philosophy of action: here

On the role of imagination in decision-making: here

On top-down influences in perception (talk at Humboldt University, Berlin (second video): here

On token-first and type-first evolutionary explanation (talk at Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, second half of the video – the first half is Alex Rosenberg’s talk): here

A series of vlogs for Brains Blog:

On mental imagery: here

On mental imagery in perception: here

On multimodal mental imagery: here

On mental imagery in epistemology: here

On mental imagery in aesthetics: here


·      Blog entries:

On my book Between Perception and Action for the OUP blog: here

On my book Aesthetics as Philosophy of Perception for the OUP blog: here

On aesthetic attention for the Aesthetics for birds blog: here

On elitism in aesthetics for the Aesthetic for birds blog: here