List of publications

To date, 16 volumes have been published in the FISS book series, International Studies on Social Security:

  • Volume 1: Curing the Dutch Disease. Edited by L. Aarts, R. Burkhouser & P. de Jong.
  • Volume 2: Social Policy and the Labour Market. Edited by P. de Jong & T. Marmor.
  • Volume 3: Ageing, Social Security and Affordability. Edited by T. Marmor & P. de Jong.
  • Volume 4: The State of Social Welfare in 1997. Edited by P. Flora, P. de Jong, J. Le Grand & J-Y. Kim.
  • Volume 5: Fighting Poverty: Caring for Children, Parents, the Elderly and Health. Edited by S. Ringen & P. de Jong.
  • Volume 6: Domain Linkages and Privatisation in Social Security. Edited by J.-Y. Kim & P.-G. Svensson.
  • Volume 7: Ethics and Social Security. Edited by E. Schokkaert.
  • Volume 8: Children and Social Security. Edited by J. Bradshaw.
  • Volume 9: Pensions: Challenges and Reforms. Edited by E. Overbye & P. A. Kemp.
  • Volume 10: Welfare to Work in Practice. Edited by P. Saunders.
  • Volume 11: International Cooperation in Social Security: How to Cope with Globalisation? Edited by B. Cantillon & I. Marx.
  • Volume 12: Ageing and the Labour Market: Issues and Solutions. Edited by H. Emanuel.
  • Volume 13: Social Protection in an Ageing World. Edited by P.A. Kemp, K. Van den Bosch & L. Smith.
  • Volume 14 : Social Security, Happiness and Well-being. Edited by J. Bradshaw.
  • Volume 15 : Social Protection for a Post Industrial World. Edited by P. Kemp
  • Volume 16 : Social Security, Poverty and Social Exclusion in Rich and Poorer Countries. P. Saunders & R. Sainsbury