Conference 2012

Challenges for Social Protection

18-20 June 2012 – Sigtuna, Sweden

The focus of the 19th International Research Seminar of the Foundation for International Studies on Social Security (FISS)  will be on the challenges for social protection within a changing economic, social and political context. Trends in globalisation, socioeconomic and demographic transitions, the continuing impact of recent financial crises, and the  need for cost containment and increasing budgetary efficiency raise issues for the future of social protection. Questions emerge with regard to role and objectives of social protection, including which objectives should be primary goals, how should they be achieved and what is the impact of current efforts? How to strike  an appropriate balance between solidarity, reciprocity and insurance and what does this imply for the institutional, political and financial architecture of social protection? Which instruments should be used to meet social protection challenges and to achieve its objectives  and how can an appropriate balance between income protection, quality and accessibility of care and services and the investment in human capital be achieved?

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