Below, you will find a map of the city of Antwerp that includes the most important conference venues, directions to the conference reception, and a wide range of nice places to eat all over Antwerp. For more restaurants and customer reviews, have a look at Tripadvisor.

The conference venue is called Hof van Liere, one of the buildings enclosing the Antwerp City Campus courtyard of the same name:

Hof van Liere (2nd floor)
Prinsstraat 13-15
2000 Antwerpen

The easiest way to reach the venue is via the Prinsstraat, where there is a big wooden door almost at the intersection with the Koningstraat. Walking through the door, crossing the patio, you enter the Hof van Liere’s hallway, where you can take the stairs to the second floor on your left, or an elevator through the hallway on your right.

Below the map, you will find more important information on how to travel to and from the city.

How to reach Antwerp

a) By air

1) through the Brussels (Zaventem) International Airport:
The international airport at Brussels has connections to all major cities around Europe and to a wide range of intercontinental destinations.

Antwerp can be reached from the airport in Brussels by:

  • regular Brussels Airlines Airport Express coach service (ca. 45 min; € 10), leaving the airport from the back of platform B at the bus station (level 0) of the terminal building, on the hour between 5 a.m. and midnight on weekdays and Saturday (between 7 a.m. and midnight on Sunday); arrival in Antwerp on the ‘De Keyserlei’ close to the Antwerp Central Railway Station (
  • train: direct regular service, leaving 2 times an hour (ca. 35 min; € 12.50) between about 5.30 a.m. and 11.45 p.m. on weekdays, to the Antwerp Central Railway Station.  Train schedules can be found on the website of the Belgian railways.

2) through the Antwerp (Deurne) Airport:
–  CityJet has up to 4 direct flights per day to London City airport, where you can connect to a number of other European and international cities.
–  flyVLM has flights to/from Geneva (Mo. – Fr. & Su.), Hamburg (Mo. – Fr.), and Southampton (Mo. – Fr.).
–  Jetairfly has flights to Alicante (Th. & Sa.), Barcelona (We., Fr. & Su.), Berlin-Schönefeld (Mo., We. & Sa.), Malaga (Tu. & Fr.), Milan-Malpensa (Tu., Fr. & Su.), and Palma de Mallorca (Mo. & Th.).

A public transport bus (no. 31; ticket, € 2.00, can be bought from the driver) connects the airport to the ‘Franklin Rooseveltplaats’ near the Antwerp Central Railway Station and the symposium venue.

3) through the Brussels South Charleroi Airport (*avoid flying on Friday 7 October, see below*)

Farther away from Antwerp, this airport offers more connections through low-cost airlines. You can reach this airport by

  • Brussels City Shuttle. The bus times are scheduled to fit in with the flight times and they start running at 3.30am. There is a bus every 30 minutes. To get the best price, you can buy your ticket online in advance. TIMES AND BOOKING (not including travel costs between Antwerp and Brussels.)
  • train + bus. Tickets can be bought in the train station or online. The train ride takes approximately 2h20. When you arrive at Charleroi-South station, you can get a direct bus (bus A) that brings you to the airport terminal in 20 minutes. The ticket price (€21 each direction) includes the train and the bus transfer.

b) By train

Antwerp can be reached by regular international train services from Amsterdam, Köln and Paris (Thalys).  London is connected by the Eurostar train to Brussels “Midi” railway station.  Luxembourg and Milan are connected to Brussels “Midi” railway station by regular international trains.
Antwerp is connected with Brussels by several trains per hour to the Antwerp Central Railway Station.
Train schedules can be found on the website of the Belgian railways.

c) By car

Antwerp is situated at the intersection of the E17, E19, E34 and E313/E34 traffic arteries.  Some of the hotels have limited parking facilities.


It has been brought to our attention that the unions may have a strike planned on the last day of our conference: Friday October 7th. Such a strike would of course not affect the conference itself, which will continue as planned. In addition, Brussels Airport has assured us that such strikes normally have little to no effect on their flights, which should continue as planned as well. In case of a strike, however, we do expect serious delays or cancellations for means of public transport: notably NMBS (the Belgian railway system) and DeLijn/TEC (respectively the Flemish and Walloon public bus companies).

In any case (strike or no strike), we would encourage everyone to stay for the entire conference, including the final social event on Friday evening, and to only start home in (or after) the weekend. But if you need to catch a flight in Brussels Airport on Friday, we would advise you to take the shuttle bus there (see above), which should also still run in the event of a strike. Still, in this case you may want to schedule in enough time to get from Antwerp to Brussels, as a strike increases the risk of traffic jams. If your flight goes through Antwerp (Deurne) Airport, you will probably want to take a taxi there. Finally, if you really need to fly on Friday, we would strongly discourage you from flying through Brussels South Airport (in Charleroi), since that airport is quite far away from the conference, and traveling there usually involves a long train ride.