Visualizing the Writing Process

  1. Antonis Touloumis and Katerina Michalopoulou – Digital Rockaby
  2. Georgy Vekshin and Ekaterina Khomyakova – The Videotext Project: Solutions for the New Age of Digital Genetic Reading
  3. Elsa Pereira – Challenges of a Digital Approach: Considerations for an Edition of Pedro Homem de Mello’s Poetry

Digital Scholarly Editions 2

  1. José Camões – Fernando Pessoa’s Faust: a Digital Existence of Assembled Fragments
  2. Sakari Katajamäki – Updated Translations of a Textbook  Classic: Editorial Possibilities and Hard Choices
  3. Christian Prager, Katja Diederichs, Nikolai Grube, Elisabeth Wagner, Sven Gronemeyer, Maximilian Brodhun and Franziska Diehr – Of Codes, Glyphs, and Kings: Tasks, Limits, and Approaches in the Encoding of Classic Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions