Users and Dissemination

  1. Anne Baillot – A Certification Model for Digital Scholarly Editions: Towards Peer-Review-Based Datajournals in the Humanities
  2. Gabriele Wix – Tapping, Swiping, Sliding, Pinching. The pleasure of reading manuscripts.
  3. Federico Caria – The Application of User Research Methods to Digital Scholarly Editions


  1. Tara Andrews – What We Talk About When We Talk About Collation
  2. Elli Bleeker, Bram Buitendijk, Ronald Haentjens Dekker, Vincent Neyt and Dirk Van Hulle – The Challenges of Automated Collation of Manuscripts
  3. Elena Spadini – Critica del manoscritto base. Pairwise and Multiple Alignment for the Automatic Collation
  4. Elisa Nury – Visualizing Collation Results

Editing Frameworks

  1. Roland S. Kamzelak – Collaborative Editing
  2. Chiara Di Pietro, Roberto Rosselli Del Turco – Edition Visualization Technology 2.0: Affordable DSE Publishing, support for critical editions, and more
  3. Chiara Palladino – Towards a Digital Edition of the Minor Greek Geographers