The Digital Medium and Textual Scholarship

  1. Peter Robinson – The Revolution is Coming
  2. Fabio Ciotti – Toward a New Realism for Digital Textuality
  3. Angelo Del Grosso, Emiliano Giovanetti and Simone Marchi – The Importance of Being… Object-Oriented: Old Means for New Perspectives in Digital Textual Scholarship

DiXiT Network and Projects

  1. Franz Fischer, Elena Pierazzo, Susan Schreibman – DiXiT: Research, Training, and Networking in the Field of Digital Editing
  2. Frederike Neuber – The ‘Material Turn’ in the Light of the ‘Digital Turn’, or: how Digital Methods can Support Typographical Research in Digital Scholarly Editions
  3. Roman Bleier – Back to the Manuscripts: Documentary Editing of St. Patrick’s Epistles