Computational Approaches to Digital Editions

  1. Joris Van Zundert – Close Reading and Slow Programming — Computer Code as Digital Scholarly Edition
  2. Federico Meschini – Computing the Edition. The Many Cultures of a DSE
  3. Alex Speed Kjeldsen – Reproducible Editions

Editing Modernist Texts

  1. Tom De Keyser, Vincent Neyt, Mark Nixon, and Dirk Van Hulle – The Digital Libraries of James Joyce and Samuel Beckett.
  2. Ronan Crowley and Joshua Schäuble – On the Migration of Legacy DSE Data: Challenges and Opportunities for a TEI P5 Encoding of Ulysses: A Critical and Synoptic Edition (1984)
  3. Robin Seguy – Editing a Difficult Text: The Case of The Cantos of Ezra Pound

Linked Data

  1. Mathias Coeckelbergs, Seth van Hooland, Pierre Van Hecke – Linking the Hebrew Bible to Scholarly Works. A Critical Analysis of JSTORs API for Fuzzy Text Matching and Topic Modeling to Connect Primary and Secondary Source Materials
  2. Gábor Palkó – Digital Scholarly Editions in the Age of Linked Data Web
  3. Dániel Balogh – The Growing Pains of an Indic Epigraphic Database