About EU/ME

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EU/ME is the largest working group on metaheuristics worldwide, uniting over 1400 members from over 80 countries. This working group is a platform for information and communication among researchers and practitioners in metaheuristics. 
EU/ME is supported by EURO, the European Association of National Operational Research Societies. Membership is free and open to everyone around the world interested in this exciting field of research. Although primarly aimed at researchers, EU/ME actively encourages people from industry and the service sector to join.
EU/ME organizes a yearly EU/MEeting, a workshop on a specific topic related to metaheuristics. 

How to join us

Becoming a member of EU/ME is free and offers many benefits. We encourage both researchers and practicioners interested in metaheuristics to join us.


Registered members can

EU/ME - the name

EU/ME is pronounced [uːmɪə] or [uː ænd mɪə] (IPA pronunciation key). For the lazy ones: you/me or you and me.

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