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Manual 2.0 : Enrolling for courses


You can only enroll for courses as off 16 July and if you have (re-)enrolled for your programme. If you have not yet enrolled for courses you will get a message to this effect in your “to do” list on the home page.


Click on the link or go to the tab “Study program” and then choose “enroll”.


You have to select the courses you want to take in the chosen academic year one by one and add them to your shopping cart. As of 16 July you can complete the enrolment for the collected courses.
“Click here for instructions” to see which is the best way to find courses.

Click on Model Path or My requirements for an overview of the courses that constitute your programme (see on-screen instructions for more information).
Click on the link of the courses that you want to take.


Depending on the course it is possible that some classes are split in several sections (groups). In that case you have to choose a group based on the instructions of the faculty under ‘extra info’ (if available) or on your time table preferences  
Possible time conflict will be clear immediately. These also appear in the overview as exclamation marks.
Click on “next” to confirm your choice.


You get a list of the selected classes. If necessary, select the programme under which you wish to follow this course and click on “Next” to add it to your shopping cart. 



You get a confirmation that the classes have been added to your shopping cart.


If you wish, you can delete the added classes. If you want to change sections (groups) click on the link under “class”. Possible time conflicts are made clear by the exclamation mark.

You can also view your preliminary timetable. This is a weekly schedule with the enrolled classes and the classes in your shopping cart to help make the best choice when composing your study programme and your time table. 
Click on Model Path or My requirements to add other courses to your shopping cart.

When you have collected all the courses that you wish to take in the choses academic year, click on “enroll” to go to the next step.

Click on “Finish enrolling” to actually enroll.



You get to view a status report per course. Problems are marked with a red cross and the reason is explained. The courses for which you failed to enroll remain visible in your shopping cart so that you can follow up on them. Holds are always the result of stipulations in the Education and Examination Regulation. If you wish to request an exception that is possible within the regulations you can contact your faculty/institute in accordance with the relevant procedures.


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