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of the Lepidoptera of Belgium

Spilosoma urticae (Esper, 1789)

A rare species throughout Belgium.

The larva lives on various species of herbaceous and marshland plants like Rumex hydrolapathum, Mentha aquatica, Lysimachia vulgaris, Iris pseudacorus, Pedicularis sylvatica etc... Hibernates as a larva in a loose cocoon among plant debris.

The adults fly in one generation a year; from early May till begin of July. They readily come to light.

ID: there are some forms of Spilosoma lubricipeda which have very few black dots on the forewing, but the present species never shows a black discal spot on the hindwing. 

Belgium, Antwerpen, Viersel, 08 June 2004.
(Photo © Maarten Jacobs)
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