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Coleophora clypeiferella  Hofmann, 1871

A very rare speciesin Belgium. Only known from BR before 1980, however a second specimen was captured in Antwerp in 2014. 

This species ia a seedeater. The caterpillar only lives on Chenopodium album. It constructs a case from the seed fragments of this plant.

The adult moths (wingspan: 12-16mm) have a specialised sclerotised plate on the dorsal side of the first abdomal segment filled with spines (see more pictures). This structure is believed to help break out of the cocoon. This is the only species in Western Europe who has this kind of plate. 

The adults emerge from mid July till the beginning of September. They are attracted to light.

Belgium, Antwerpen, Merksem, 2014.
(Leg. & Photo © Guido De Prins)
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