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of the Lepidoptera of Belgium

Coleophora hemerobiella (Scopoli, 1763)

A not so common species in Belgium.

The larva, which has a two-year cycle, lives in a case on a wide range of rosaceous trees and shrubs including Crataegus, Malus, Pyrus, Mespilus, Prunus, Sorbus, Cotoneaster, Cydonia and Chaenomeles. The larva lives in a small pistol-case for the first twenty months and in the second spring, it builds a long straight case. Pupation in the case attached to the upper surface of a leaf or twig.

The adults fly in one generation a year during July. They come occasionally to light.

Belgium, Namur, Lavaux Ste.-Anne, 11 May 2007.
first case on Pyrus  (Photo © Chris Steeman)
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