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Coleophora potentillae  Elisha, 1885

A not so common species in Belgium. The first observation for this species in our country was in 1981 at Mol-Balen. (AN)

The polyphagous larva lives in a brownish case on Betula, Crataegus, Agrimonia, Filipendula, Fragaria, Geum, Helianthemum, Potentilla, Prunus, Rosa, Rubus, Salix, Sanguisorba, Spirea etc... The larvae feed on the leaves from the underside, often making relatively large blotches and often several to a leaf. Pupation in the case, usually attached to a trunk in the neighbourhood of the food plant.

The adults fly in one generation a year occuring from mid June towards August. They come to light.

Belgium, Antwerpen, Ekeren, 28 October 2007.
final case on underside of Rubus
(Photo © Chris Steeman)
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