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Gelechia muscosella Zeller, 1839

A rare and local species in Belgium. Probably overlooked in many places. First observation for this species in our country was on 07 September 1991 at Schoten (AN). Hitherto known already from 4 provinces.

The larva feeds in catkins of Salix and Populus, very occasionally between spun leaves. 

The adults fly from mid June till early September. They rest during the day on the trunks of the food plants. They are frequently attracted to light.

ID: resembles G. sororculella  but differs in having a whitish subcostal spot at one fifth of the base and three yellowish basal tergites of the abdomen.

Belgium, Oost-Vlaanderen, Kallo, 23 June 2006.
(Photo © Leo Janssen)
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