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of the Lepidoptera of Belgium

Epirrita christyi (Allen, 1906)

A rare and local species throughout Belgium.

The larva lives on various deciduous trees with a strong preference for Fagus. Hibernates as egg on a twig or on bark.

The adults fly from early October till mid November. They are attracted to light and occasionally to sugar.

ID: Poorly-marked specimens are best identified by reference to the genitalia, but characteristic individuals are identified by; discal spot is variable in shape and moderately distinct. The post-median fascia is roughly curved (not sharply angled) around the discal spot in a 'lazy L shape', the angle about 110°. This species is smaller and paler than the 2 other Epirrita species and favours more mature woodland.

Belgium, Namur, Lavaux-Ste-Anne, 14 October 2005.
(Photo © Chris Steeman)

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