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of the Lepidoptera of Belgium

Euspilapteryx auroguttella (Stephens, 1835)

A local and rather rare species in Belgium.

The larva feeds on several species of Hypericum: mainly H. perforatum, but also on H. pulchrum, H. hirsutum or H. tetrapterum. At first, it makes a tortuous gallery in the lower epidermis, which is later developed into a blotch which contorts the leaf. Later, it lives in a leaf spun downwards into a rather twisted cone. Pupation in a cocoon in a folded leaf on the ground.

There are 2 generation per year. The adults fly in April-May and again in July-August.

Belgium, Limburg, Kinrooi, 31 August 2005
(Photo © Maarten Jacobs)

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