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of the Lepidoptera of Belgium

Lacanobia splendens (Hübner, 1808)

A very rare and local species in Belgium, hitherto known from only a few observations in one locality in the province of Antwerpen in the Kempen. The first record for our country was on 09 July 2004. Recently also discovered in other provinces, seems to be expanding its range.

The larva lives on a variety of marsh plants, like Cicuta virosa, Menyanthes trifoliata, Lysimachia, Solanum dulcamara, Nephrodium thelypteris, Convolvulus arvensis, Plantago, Arctium etc... Hibernates as a pupa in an underground cocoon.

The adults fly in one, sometimes two generations a year; from mid May till end of August. They come sparsely to light, but are also reported from sugaring.

Belgium, Antwerpen, Viersel, 09 July 2004.
(Photo © Maarten Jacobs)
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