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of the Lepidoptera of Belgium

Mormo maura (Linnaeus, 1758)

A rare and local but widespread species in Belgium and mainly observed in the southern provinces.

In autum, the larva lives on a variety of herbaceous plants like Rumex, Lamium and Stellaria media. In spring, mainly on shrubs and trees like Hedera, Euonymus, Crataegus, Betula and Prunus spinosa. Hibernates as a small larva, low down in the vegetation. Pupates in a cocoon behind bark, among Ivy, in crevices and in loose earth.

The adults fly in one generation a year; from mid June onwards till mid September. They rarely come to light but often to sugar. They hide gregariously in dark places during daytime (see More pictures).

Belgium, Namur, Lavaux Ste.-Anne, 21 July 2007.
(Photo © Chris Steeman)

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