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of the Lepidoptera of Belgium

Pechipogo plumigeralis (Hübner, 1825)

This species arrived recently in Belgium; first observation was a female at light on 20 July 2000.  This rare migrant and perhaps transitory resident is known (stuation 2009) only for the provinces of West-Vlaanderen, Oost-Vlaanderen and Hainaut (both 2007) and Antwerpen (2009). After 2009 the species became known for several other new provinces.

The larva lives on withered leaves of Rosa, Cytisus and Hedera helix. Hibernates as a larva and pupates among plant debris. 

The adults fly in one generation a year; onwards late June till August, occasionally till late September. They come to light.

Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Oostende, 03 July 2006.
(Photo © Tim Goethals)

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