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Buckleria paludum (Zeller, 1841)

A very local and rare species in Belgium, thus far only known from two provinces: Antwerpen and Limburg.

The larva feeds on the leaves of Drosera rotundifolia. It pupates under the leaf or on the herbs in the vicinity. The larvae of the second generation hibernate.

The adults fly in two generations a year: in June, and again in August. They are mainly active in the evening and just after dark.

ID: Diagnostic features for the genus Buckleria; forewing cleft from middle, both lobes with an acute apex and some isolated dark scales (but not in the shape of a scale-tooth) at the dorsum of the third lobe on the hindwing.

Belgium, Antwerpen, Olen, 26 July 2006.
(Photo © Maarten Jacobs)
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